Accomodating lens replacement

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We are the only clinic in the UK able to offer the Light Adjustable Lens and the Synchrony accommodating lens.If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the above, you may have presbyopia or cataracts or both which affects millions of people in the UK.

As most older people have a mixture of both, they still end up needing glasses, says Dr Julian Stevens, a consultant ophthalmic surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, who performs around 400 lens operations every year.20 years ago all patients receive the same type of lens with their cataract surgery.Over the last 10 years manufacturing companies have developed new lens technologies.Also because these lenses provide just one focal point on the retina, they provide good vision for those with medical conditions that may have damaged the retina, such as glaucoma.Many people report a blurring where the circular rings meet each other and this meeting point can also create a sight distortion that results in night glare — difficulty seeing in the presence of a bright light such as a car headlight — and so there can be problems with night driving, so not all surgeons recommend these lenses.

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