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With all of his friends and family facing problems, Seung-ryong becomes an unlikely saviour.

BA: BO was adapted from a popular webtoon of the same name created by Kang Full, which ran from January to April 2004.

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Returning home, Ji-ho is reunited with her old school friend, Seung-ryong, who, although now in his twenties, has been left with the mind of a six-year-old following an accident.

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Kyuhyun menggoyangkan ponsel di tangannya setelah pintu kamar hotel terbuka, mengangkat sebelah alis dan berdecak.

He's already confessed to smoking marijuana and he's obviously not going to be running away from this so they probably felt that he didn't need to be arrested. [ 7, -5] Just because he's not being arrested doesn't mean he's being let off as innocent. [ 511, -36] Let's start by having him pay the consequences... [ 438, -40] Congratulations on having to re-enlist 5.

If he wasn't a celebrity, obviously he'd be arrested by now but he's already arresting himself by holing himself up at the Gangnam police station right now. [ 104, -5] All that money and honor he earned from his fans, he goes and spends it on drugs... [ 52, -1] I'm a longtime fan of Big Bang but he needs to take every consequence he gets.

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