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The film features a wealth of images and historical footage from both European and American archives as well as revealing interviews with some of the key players on both sides. Video/C MM1001 Examines the use of film and particularly the weekly newsreel to inform, disinform, and persuade Germany during years of the Nazi regime. Video/C 6903 A film by Bill Jersey and Jeffrey Friedman. DVD X6617 Sixth segment in a 10 part series depicting the major movements in the lives of Americans in the 1940s as the country endures WWII, including changes in ideals, life styles, morals and ethics. Video/C 9068 Clips from recently declassified motion pictures originally produced by the U. government in the early 1950s for the benefit of U. military personnel and politicians intended to set people's minds at ease about the production and testing of nuclear weapons. Includes actual wartime addresses from Franklin Roosevelt, George Bush, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon and George W. Includes scenes of President Woodrow Wilson, General Jack Pershing, recruitment and training of soldiers, major land battles, naval and aerial operations, everyday life of the soldier, and the liberation of Paris. de Mille (Paramount) with Sessue Hayakawa, Florence Vidor, Jack Holt, Charles Ogle (1917) -- The moving picture boys in the Great War / narrator, Lowell Thomas (1975). NY 1915 celebration: A silent film with scenes of Americans in Cornwall NY celebrating the end of the war.

A primary focus is on the role of the mass media in shaping attitudes and controlling American anti-communist feeling about the Cold War, with illustrations, simultaneously comic and chilling, from Hollywood features, TV programs, and animated cartoons. The program takes an in-depth look at the way Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, controlled the work of German film cameramen and how he manipulated their work to great effect both as propaganda and as art. Examines the way in which nations create images of their enemies by dehumanizing them in propaganda, political cartoons, posters and slanted news reports. Part 6 looks at how the American government enlisted the skills of Hollywood, Tin Pan Alley and Madison Avenue to grind out propaganda for domestic consumption. Originally broadcast on the television program Nightline, on January 15, 1997. Video/C 5954 Tracks the development of the public relations industry from early efforts to win popular American support for World War I to the role of crisis management in controlling the damage to corporate image. Video/C 9174 One of the "red scare" films that immediately followed the Russian Revolution which truthfully depicts the American public's attitude towards Communism. Bush plus addresses by Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman. DVD 1930 Edited from films shot by the Signal Corps, this film covers the entire scope of U. Features patriotically decorated cars, a parade of troups and concludes with the presentation of a captured German gun on behalf of the Republic of France to the citizens of Cornwall.

Meet one of our Bursary students, Siyabonga Mathebula, who’s currently doing his 2nd year Master’s Degree at North West University Mafikeng Campus.

The Foundation supported him since 2011 when he started his agricultural studies at the Lowveld College until he obtained the Honours Degree in Crop Science and qualified for a bursary from the Department […] CONTINUE READING → Teenagers often become bored during school holidays.

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