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“With free speech and photography, there’s a gray cloud in terms of what is legal, constitutional,” said Assemblyman Jose Solorio, D-Santa Ana, chairman of the Assembly Public Safety Committee.

Solorio, after being informed of the Register’s finding, said he will have the Public Safety Committee staff investigate the matter. But (the fact) that these photos are on Web sites, pornographic Web sites, raises valid questions about its legality,” Solorio said.

But here's the first problem of many: In order to pave the way to holiday scuba diving escapism, the couple has to keep inventing new ways of lying.

As Brad says, "You can't spell ." One December 25th he and Kate feigned teaching English as a second language in Costa Rica.

And the sight of a ripped Newton set to unleash havoc with a ball inspired reactions of awe as a result of his obviously remarkable offseason fitness level.

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A vicious fight led to an unfortunate Spanish player exposing her boob to the underwater camera.

“It is disgusting that this is where we are in society,” El Toro High coach Don Stoll said.

The presence of the photos on these Web sites has alarmed local parents, coaches and school officials and traumatized high school athletes who were unaware they were being photographed.

Another year they were supposedly delousing needy children.

And this Christmas, they say they're "heading to Burma to inoculate babies." Never mind that both would rather handle poisonous snakes than anyone under 1 year old.

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